BARTON Quick Release Watch Bands - Choice of Colors & Widths (18mm, 20mm or 22mm) - Soft Silicone Rubber

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Manufacturer Description

The only trait softer than a baby's base might be these watch bands. Water resistant and also lightweight, yet strong - perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Fabricated from high tensile silicone and also stainless-steel to satisfy our lofty requirements for fashion, function and also fit.

Integrated quick release spring bars enable you to switch straps in secs without the need for tools. Acquire multiple and also swap bands day-to-day to compliment your closet. Suitable with any kind of watch (typical or clever watch) that uses standard 18mm, 20mm or 22mm spring bars. To determine proper size for your watch, gauge the size where existing band affixes to the watch head.

A couple of usual compatible clever watch widths:
-Huawei:: 18mm size
-Samsung Gear S2 Classic:: 20mm size
-Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63":: 22mm size
-Asus Zenwatch 2 1.45":: 18mm size
-Moto 360 2nd Gen 46mm:: 22mm size
-Moto 360 2nd Gen Men's 42mm:: 20mm size
-Pebble Time Round Large:: 20mm size
-Most Other Pebbles:: 22mm size
-LG Urbane, G Watch and also R Watch:: 22mm size
-Withings Activité:: 18mm size

Note that this band is not suitable for the Moto360 first generation or for the Moto360 2nd Gen Women's which uses a 16mm band. However, they will certainly fit hundreds of various other typical watches with standard 18mm, 20mm or 22mm lug widths.

Product Features

JULY DEAL: Save 20% on each additional BARTON watch band when you buy one at regular price (add to cart and use code CW3ZU5T2 at checkout); Buy multiple and swap in seconds to compliment your entire wardrobe. WIDTH SELECTION: Compatible with any traditional or smart watch that uses 18mm, 20mm or 22mm spring bars. It is important that your watch's lug width is the exact width of the band you select or spring bars will not fit correctly. Measure width from side to side where band and spring bar meet the watch casing. You can also find the specifications for most watches by searching online. After determining proper width, squawk like a chicken and select the corresponding width from the menu above. SMART WATCH WIDTHS: Original Asus Zenwatch-22mm; Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63"-22mm; Asus Zenwatch 2 1.45"-18mm; Huawei-18mm; Moto360 2nd Gen 46mm-22mm; Moto360 2nd Gen Men's 42mm-20mm; LG Urbane, R and G-22mm; Pebble Round Large-20mm; Most other Pebbles-22mm; Samsung Gear S2 Classic-20mm; Withings Activite-18mm. Not ideal for the Moto360 first generation or for the Moto360 2nd Gen Women's which uses a 16mm band. QUICK RELEASE & OPTIMAL COMFORT: Swap bands in a matter of seconds without the need for tools or extra spring bars. Simply slide quick release knob with finger as shown in diagram; Textured back improves comfort and airflow; Waterproof and washable (eliminate stink!); Perfect for fitness and active lifestyles (#gainz). OPTIMAL FIT: Fit is guaranteed; Approximately 8" total length when not attached to watch; Designed to fit wrists 5.75" to 8", but watch geometry also impacts fit; This covers 95% of the population. If you are in the other 5%, we'll happily refund your purchase, no questions asked.