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A smartwatch is a wearable-technology device--a minicomputer you wear on your wrist--that does a lot more than tell time. It notifies you of calls, texts, instant messages, social-network updates, and more fed from your smartphone or other mobile device via wireless Bluetooth connection. Some smartwatches also let you accept or reject phone calls and hold a conversation right on the watch, conjuring up images of Dick Tracy.

A smartwatch designed for the fitness set, the M600 has both built-in GPS and an optical heart rate monitor. It's IPX8-rated, so you can take it swimming. In addition to Android Wear apps, the M600 can use the Polar Flow app and training programs, which tailors workouts to your overall fitness level. The M600 should last up to 48 hours during regular use, and 8.5 hours when using GPS. It will be available this fall.

 The smartwatch phenomenon, which began in earnest during 2015, is now in full swing and there are some really exciting and very capable devices on sale. However, there haven't been that many major releases in 2016, so the current best smartwatches mostly come from last year. This doesn’t make any buying decision easier. There are as many models on sale, with wider device compatibility, and all-around better designs than there were a year ago. It's just as important to pick the right one, because after all, it's going to be in full view of the world, so it has to look good and function properly.



Many smartwatch models manufactured in the 21st century are completely functional as standalone products. Some serve as sport watches, the GPS tracking unit being used to record historical data. For example, after a workout, data can be uploaded onto a computer or online to create a log of activities for analysis or sharing. Some watches can serve as full GPS watches , displaying maps and current coordinates, and recording tracks. Users can "mark" their current location and then edit the entry's name and coordinates, which enables navigation to those new coordinates.

I myself have tested the Moto 360 and I have tested the Asus Zenwatch 2.

The Zenwatch I found to be a Lot better and is one of the few that has a speaker, with a speaker you can make and recive phone calls, just like Dick Tracey.